Questions to Ask in an Interview When Hiring a New Employee

As a recruiter what are the key questions that you should ask in a job interview?How do you get under the skin of the persona that is being presented to you? You ask the right questions. These will differ from job to job and person to person. Here are some basic questions that can help you gain a true insight into a candidate's nature making it easier for you to determine if he is actually suited for the job.
It is said that one must not judge a book by its cover, but ever so often we simply have to. As a recruiter you need to be able to judge a person withing seconds of meeting them, to see if they are going to fit the profile that you are seeking to hire them for. By asking the right questions you are likely to get a good idea about the personality of the individual you are interviewing. Tell us more about yourself? This simple question can open up a large field of information about the candidate. Based on their reply you can find out what they feel is important in life. They will also give away their aims and ambitions, which can be matched to the profile you are hiring for. You will be able to tell how much stress they place on their family and which family members have been particularly influential. You may even be able to provoke feelings of loyalty by asking a few well placed questions to test just how loyal the candidate is likely to be. What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is a very standard question and one that the interviewee would be expecting. It will allow you to see how well they have rehearsed the answer as well as help in putting them at ease with a familiar, and expected question. You should observe the body language of the candidate to see how much in sync the answer is with their actual personality. Are they truthful and comfortable or are they exaggerating things to impress you in order to get the job? Why do you want to work with us? This question will allow you to gauge the motivation of the candidate. Is he looking for any job he can get, or is there a specific reason he wants to work with your company. His study of the company profile will allow you to see how well he knows what the role of the company is. You can also find out the level of knowledge the candidate possesses about the industry in general and the position of the company in the industry. It will also give you a clue to what drives the candidate to work in the industry that your company is associated with. What do you expect to be paid? Most people find it difficult to answer this question as they do not want to appear too monetary mined. Unfortunately whatever you offer them will always seem less than what they think they are worth. This means that you need to get them to name a figure before you make the offer. One of the best ways to solve an impasse over the expected salary is to ask them what they are currently earning in their present job. Then offer a bonus on that salary which fits into your budget. Tell us about your last job? Here you can ask about the job description, the responsibilities that the individual undertook, the kind of boss he had, the way the team members worked together and so on. These answers will allow you to gain an insight into if the individual is able to accept responsibilities in addition to basic job profile. If he is willing to go that extra mile for a coveted project or not. It will give you a clue into how he works in a team and what he thinks of people in authority over him. These set of questions will help you identify traits that may be desirable or not based on the profile of the job you are looking to hire the candidate for.

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Posted on Aug 18, 2013