Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Most businesses spend too much time on small but important tasks for their business. However, those small tasks may be taking away from the most important tasks and what matters most in the business. Why not outsource an independent contractor that is able to multi task and have the skills to work on those projects for you? Why not reduce overhead by hiring a contractor that works from their own home office? Save time and money by considering a virtual assistant.

When companies find that they are spending too much time on small but significant tasks within their business, they realize something is missing.  Rather the company is a small or large sized establishment, there are always those tasks, deadlines or other small jobs that take away from the main focus of the company.  For a company that finds this is a time-management issue for them, hiring a virtual assistant may be a good idea.  

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor that works from his or her home office doing smaller jobs for various companies.  These jobs may range from secretarial, to personal assistant jobs, to freelance writing jobs and even to social media management and consulting.  The possibilities of what a virtual assistant can or is willing to do are close to endless.  

  1. Video Meetings/Phone Meetings - Since Virtual Assistants work from their home or home office and are spread out all through the country, most schedule video or phone meetings with the companies they work with.  This means you do not have to take a lot of time out of your day to schedule an actual office meeting.  This is actually very effective for time management, since the Virtual Assistant usually works around the schedule of the client.
  2. Possibilities are Endless - While two years ago there was virtually no such term as Virtual Assistant, today there are thousands of independent contractors out there for companies to choose from! The proper way to find the right virtual assistant for you, is to really read through the professional sites of as many VAs as you can.  Find the one that will fit your needs and your company the best. Since VAs telecommute, you are able to open your view to assistants throughout the entire country, even thousands of miles away.  This will give you a more wide variety and better chance of finding someone that is motivated and has the knowledge that you need.
  3. Cost Efficiency for Your Company - Since a Virtual Assistant works from home and has their own hourly costs, you only pay for the hours the VA works.  There's no paying for employees that don't take the work seriously and who don't do the work that's assigned to them.  Virtual Assistants work as hard as they can to ensure their clients are happy, they give it their all.  There are plenty of programs out there that track hours for a virtual assistant and their clients.  Therefore, you see the work that is done when it's being worked on and can accurately pay the VA.
  4. Reduces Overhead - The best part is, hiring a Virtual Assistant that works from home reduces overhead for the company.  There's no need to pay for office space, peripherals for the employee or take precious time to supervise them.  The virtual assistant has their own home office with their own technology.  This is saving your company quite a bit of money.
  5. VAs are Independent Contractors - Another great advantage is that Virtual Assistants are indepndent contractors and not an actual employee of the company.  Since an independent contractor takes care of their own taxes, that's less expense and time for the company.  They also do not have to worry about the costs of hiring or firing an employee, background or drug screens or the start up paperwork.
  6. The Company has the Power - The Virtual Assistant works along with  the company on certain tasks or projects.  Even though they may have their own ideas or creative imput for the project, the company has the ultimate voice and power for what they need to get done.  They can accept or shoot down any ideas the contractor volunteers.
  7. Multi Tasking and Multi Talented - For a company that needs quite a few tasks done, they can hire one virtual assistant that has all of the skills that the company needs.  This cuts back on the cost of hiring multiple employees to get the needs of the company met.  
  8. Increase Your Revenue and Customer Base - Your busines has a lot of important things to do and sometimes trying to gain new customers is one of those small but significant projects within your business.  The task can better be done by utilizing the services of a virtual assistant that specializes in social media management & marketing or promotion & advertising.  They will make sure that your customer base grows and your revenue goes up.  
  9. Availability for your Business - Most Virtual Assistants are available beyond business hours for phone calls, meetings or even off hour tasks.  They may charge slightly more for off hour work, but if a last minute project comes up, you can easily and quickly get it done.
  10. Family Time - The most important advantage is having time to spend with your own family instead of working on smaller projects.

Hopefully those money and time saving reasons are good enough to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant for your business!  Save time and spend more time on your own personal life and bettering the most important parts of your business.


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